What is IPC?

Beenmanchet langsdoorsnede

IPC is an automatic massage system which is used as a medical device for the treatment of various diseases  , for aesthetic treatments, for the improvement of athletic performance and to improve the mobility of the elderly. The base station generates a pre-programmed pressure build-up  in an inflatable cuff that is placed around leg , arm, or ( part of) the body. A cuff has four air chambers (home systems ) or 6 (professional  systems) overlapping air chambers. There are separate cuffs for leg , arm, waist or the entire hull.

By alternately filling the air chambers with air and subsequent draining  a natural massage effect is created , similar to a good manual mdwarsdoorsnede IPC manchetassage. The lymph and blood circulation throughout the body is stimulated  and waste products from the muscles are drained. The systems can  be pre-eminently   used for the treatment of edema. In sports ,  IPC can be deployed for both the warming- up and cooling-down for injury prevention. It is also used for injury treatment , so athletes can rehabilitate faster. The device can be used in daily use for tired or swollen legs at standing occupations such as shop assistants , hairdressers etc.

The Doctor Life massage systems are characterized by the very simple operation and robust design . The home systems are light in weight and fit next to the toilet bag in your hand luggage suitcase. So you can maintain your therapy  while traveling for a pleasant holiday or performing your favourite sport .

The pressures that are generally used  in IPC – therapy lay between 40 and 80 mm Hg for nearly all treatments. Higher pressures are  used only for treatment of injuries, giving sports massages or wellness .  In Asia people find a pressure of 200 mmHg for a massage very pleasant, while Europeans prefer a lower pressure.

 Click below on the video for an animation of the massage system.