Medical applications

The intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC ) is an automatic massage system , which is used as a medical device for the treatment of various disorders of the lymphatic and blood vessel system. The base station generates a pre-programmed pressure build-up  in an inflatable cuff that is placed around leg , arm, or ( part of) the body. A cuff has four air chambers (home systems ) or 12  overlapping air chambers (professional  systems). There are separate cuffs for leg , arm, waist or the entire hull.

In particular in the treatment of edema of the legs or arm ( often as a result of surgery or after irradiation) IPC is  increasingly  deployed to support  the treatment by the doctor or the therapist. A major advantage is that patients can continue treatment at home under the supervision of a physician or therapist. The maintenance of the lymphatic and vascular system becomes easier, and you can often slowly reduce visits to your therapist or doctor.

The treatments are carried out by yourself,  under the guidance of a doctor, physiotherapist and / or skin therapist . Compare this with the use of medications. Your doctor prescribes and you are using the medication on the prescribed times and in the prescribed amount. That is also the case here , the physician and / or therapist prescribes you what setting  and what time you need  using the device. You independently carries out the treatment ( self-management ) .

In medical articles it is advised, when using home IPC equipment, that your  edema therapist checks regularly on fibrosis and / or undesired fluid accumulation (at least once every four weeks). Indeed, a blockage can always occur in the lymphatic drainage . Continuous monitoring continues to be necessary . Especially when it comes to medical conditions , it is strongly advised to use the IPC massage systems only in consultation with your doctor or therapist . It is after all an approved Medical Device according to European and Dutch legislation.

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