Keep your mobility

We ‘re all getting older. The time when we could rely on  unlimited care is at an end. Working longer , living at home and in nursing longer with as much autonomy as possible with minimal assistance. Only if anything else fails, help will still be offered. With decreasing care facilities in prospect it is now even more important to stay mobile as long as possible  . And … mobility is largely determined by the legs. Because of the lag of exercise , eating habits and smoking already  one in three adults has leg problems (fluid retention , varicose veins, claudication , arteriosclerosis , thrombosis etc. ) . Regular use of IPC can make an important contribution to keep the lymphatic and vascular system longer healthy, through daily massaging of the leg muscles.

Home treatment without guidance is possible for the following treatments :

  •  Massage of legs , arms, abdomen and hips.
  •  To improve the blood circulation if cold feet and hands,
  •  To obtain a smooth and elastic skin
  •  To massage away fatique from tired legs and feet, if you have a standing profession.
  •  For the overall improvement of the immune system and reducing fatigue.
  •  For insomnia.

At all Doctor Life massagers the massage pressure is adjustable.
In low-pressure massage ( 20-60 mmHg) the device stimulates the lymphatic system and the circulatory system through legs , arms and /or hips / belly with massaging cuffs filled with air . The improvement of the discharge of lymph fluid will cause a decrease of the accumulation of moisture in an arm or leg . Because of the improvement of the  bloodcirculation and lymphatic drainage of moisture at the same time, the immune system is enhanced and one is less susceptible to all kinds of diseases .
The middle massage pressure ( 60-130 mmHg) is intended for the blood circulation. It stimulates especially the deeper muscles (hence the higher pressure ) which stimulate veins. Also for drainage of toxins.
In the high-pressure or sports massage (130 – up to 240 mmHg), the most important effect is the reduction of the muscle tension and loosening of hard tissue. By increased bloodflow through the body nutrients can be better supplied . Fluid accumulation due to muscle damage will diminish .

More than half of our blood supply is located within the vasculature of the legs. Massage of the legs makes an important contribution to the general well-being . Regular use makes a significant contribution to the prevention of injuries.

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